Everything You Need To Know About 01174411569 Scam Number

Have you had enough of irritating calls from unknown numbers, such as 01174411569? You’re not all alone. It’s important to be aware and active since phone fraudsters targeting unaware people are on an upward trajectory.

It has been seen that thousands of people are getting scammed by getting offers or something like that. One of the most common mobile phone numbers used by such scammers is 01174411569.

This article is written particularly to highlight this number, the types of scams, and the strategies to keep yourself protected.

In this Article, We Will Explore:

  • Identity of the number
  • Normal scams
  • Tips for being secured
  • How to respond to the call from this number?

By reading this blog, you will have a better idea about the 01174411569 number. Let’s get started without wasting much time.

Who Could Be the Person Calling From 01174411569?

According to feedback and reports, the number 01174411569 is used for dual purposes, i.e., for scamming and telemarketing. It is normally considered a solicitation call number but some people have claimed that they got a telemarketing call from this number too.

This number’s details can be discovered in nearby regions of the Britsle, United Kingdom. The caller’s voice sounds artificial or robotic. Therefore, when someone phone calls from this particular number, they should hang up and report it as spam.

So, it is right to say that you shouldn’t share your details like account number, PIN, etc with the caller who is trying to get this information. Moreover, they may ask you to transfer some money to their accounts to get a prize in return. We suggest you be active and avoid doing this.

Typical Scams Linked to 01174411569

The number 01174411569 is frequently linked to a variety of fraudulent activities. We have explored the entire list of scams reported by the people who have experienced them to list the most common ones. Here, we have listed them with brief descriptions that will help you learn more about them.

The Technician

The most frequent fraud that is usually associated with this number is the Tech Support Scam. They might appear as an agent of the relevant company that you are using for specific purposes and extend their assistance.

They make every effort to persuade you that their personal computer’s data file has been corrupted by a malware virus. After the victim is persuaded, they will demand a significant amount of money in recompense. Moreover, you may also be asked to share your details like card number, PIN, and others with them to enter them in their system for future assistance.

The Finance Officer

Additionally, the number 01174411569 has been linked with fraudulent games like “the Internal Revenue Service Imitation Scams.” Fraudsters act as finance officers of the revenue department or a banker.

They sound like alerting you about due payments and threatening of fine if you don’t pay the required amount immediately. Most users send them the money by getting pressurized and avoiding the experience of being arrested.

The Law & Tax Department

It is easy to mislead innocent people by sending them automated messages that appear to be from a financial foundation or government organization. Recorded discussions are often utilized to alert people of forthcoming problems.

Issues like pending legal dues or fine payments require immediate attention. It is expected that the call receiver may experience pressure to answer right away, reveal private information, or make payments without authorization.

The Social Security Officer

Another well-known fraud that has been documented with reference number 01174411569 is the social security scam. The caller who pretends as a security expert demands money or confidential data. When you share those details with them, you will experience a lot of problems like bank account credit.

The Lost Friend

Regarding 01174411569, there have also been reports of the lost friend strategy. Many claimed to have received calls from this number pretending that one of their high school friends had been kidnapped or in urgent need of support.

In return, the caller asks them to send the money immediately for their lives or else they will kill them. To save their friends, many people send them the money and find it is a fraud when talk to their friends in reality.

Strategies for Self-defense

To avoid being a victim of this scam, it is good that you are aware of their tactics. You can create a defense by implementing the following tactics:

  • The first safety measure you can take is to never answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, especially ones with dubious area codes like 0117-441-1569.
  • You should never give personal information over the phone to the persons who don’t know.
  • Make yourself the toughest target by requesting their official identification and double-checking with the hotline of the appropriate department.
  • Use your smartphone’s call-blocking features or consider downloading a reputable call-blocking app to restrict such scam numbers from calling you.
  • The demand for any private information or money should not be fulfilled at any cost.
  • You can register your number in a directory not for telemarketing calls. This service can be opted by just going to your local network provider’s nearby office.
  • Stay updated by social media and news to be aware form the scamming strategies of their fraudsters to safeguard yourself.

What to do if 01174411569 Calls You?

Look up the phone number online to check if any scam reports are connected to it.

  • Any unknown call should be left on voice mail so that you can give it some time to register. Don’t answer unknown calls right away.
  • During a chat, trust your instincts and refrain from disclosing personal information.
  • Once you realize the call is a fraud, immediately end the call and block the scammer.
  • Give your personal space top priority and don’t let strangers interrupt you.


Remember that fraudsters never stop proposing new frauds. They constantly discover new approaches and plans to rob people. Therefore, stay updated on current happenings through news and social media.

If you ever get a call from 01174411569, use the advice on this blog to safeguard yourself and avoid falling for scams.

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